Producer Information

This program is open to properly licensed wholesale brokers, retail agents and brokers, and third-party administrators who place excess workers compensation insurance coverage. All producers will be appointed by The Gray Insurance Company.

Producer Agreement – Download

Underwriting Process

Producers generally provide us with a copy of the application and underwriting attachments that they send to the high retention / high limits excess workers compensation carriers at the same time these markets are approached.

Please let us know once you begin to receive retention options from these carriers and we will offer retention and limits options that dovetail with the carrier(s) attaching above us.

Because our coverage is dependent upon what you receive from the other markets, we are also accustomed to last minute changes and quotation requests. Once we have entered the underwriting information into our system, turnaround time for additional quotations is expedited.

Customized marketing brochures for electronic distribution are available upon request by appointed brokers. Please click the link below to view a sample.

Wholesale Marketing Example

For more information about becoming an appointed producer, please reach out to a member of our team by clicking here.